I’m an experienced graphic designer with a good understanding of multiple facets of the industry. I am someone that is motivated by using my creativity to contribute to the success of others. 

Originally from Wisconsin and have grown up around art and design. It’s been a big part of my life, helped form my career, and led me to a happy place in my life. Seeing the joy that good graphic design brings people is the main reason I do it. There is nothing better than seeing someone succeed when good graphic design, branding, or marketing help them thrive. 

I’ve worked in marketing, design, sales and a variety of other positions that have given me the ability to understand the key to success for developing a vision that can take things to the next level.

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My Experience

  • Freelance Graphic Design & Web Design - EthansMedia.com
    2000 - Current

    I’ve worked with clients all over the world and have established a loyal client base and word of mouth freelance business over the years. I consult daily/weekly with individuals and companies on contract work for website design, branding/rebranding, print media, catalogs, social media & photography to name a few.

  • Graphic Design / Marketing - Green Flower Media
    2019 - 2020

    Created designs and templates for a variety of online campaigns to promote educational courses and video content created by our team. Items included were promotional eBooks, social media content & also design for tradeshow booths, banners, and other print collateral. This job involved working effectively on multiple projects in person and remotely.

  • Head Graphic Designer - Ojai Business Center
    2013 - 2019

    Lead graphic designer for a customer facing, high-paced and high volume design and print business.I was in charge of producing the majority of incoming design work for multiple projects, and delegated incoming projects for a never-ending stream of design jobs primarily for print. I created standard operating procedures and put new practices in place company-wide to be able to meet deadlines and communicate project details among staff to increase the volume of work my team and I were able to produce and ensure better productivity.

  • Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator - Laurel Springs School
    2007 - 2012

    Maintained the school’s image in digital and print media. Coordinated social media posts, and email communications. I was in charge of running multiple websites while creating a consistent look, design, and feel. In addition, I built an internal website for the staff to access what was previously only available in print streamlining operations.

  • Photographer
    1994 - Current

    Starting with black and white artistic film photography, I learned the concepts of good composition and film developing early. The move to digital pushed me even more. Over the years,  my love for nature and nightlife played the biggest roll in the progression of this passion. 

  • “Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ethan on digital design and print projects. His can-do, pleasant attitude coupled with great communication skills and attention to detail kept me worry-free as he owned the jobs from concept to completion. Any design team would be privileged to have him on board.”
    ~ Matt Willems

  • “It’s always a pleasure to work with Ethan. We’ve collaborated for many years. Recently he’s been my go-to for contract projects. His accountability and time management shine through to efficiently meet deadlines. He’s a fast learner and self starter, which makes him an excellent candidate in a busy work environment. Also, his ability to keep things positive makes working in a team enjoyable.”
    ~ Sabrina Calderon

  • “Ethan has been the backbone of my business. He has gone above and beyond to create an impeccable website that fuels my company. Anytime I had a question, he would spend the time to find answers and the best solutions for me. I also find so much value in his patience to explain step by step exactly what he has setup or completed for me. He is a very honest, trustworthy and hardworking person.” 
    ~ Brittany Perille

  • “We have been working with Ethan for several years. His professionalism, creativity, and beauty in detail are outstanding. He has helped us with web design, internet promotion, logo, and product development. He is super easy to work with, speedy, on top of current trends and, a great help in many areas. We cannot recommend Ethan enough!!”
    ~ Bruce Davis, Ph. D.

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