Ethan Koerten


  • Graphic Design

    Whether you’re working on a stationery package for a new business, a new logo, an invitation to a house-warming party, or something else entirely, having an overall concept for the project before you start is crucial. How do you form a concept? What questions do you need to ask in order to develop one? How does your concept become the roadmap for your design?

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  • Web Design

    Responsive, high quality website design is a must in today's age. Creating a site that represents you and your flavor is not something you can do with cookie cutter, do it yourself websites. Having someone that can work with you to help you express your true vision is what I do.

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  • Branding

    Branding gives greater meaning to a company's name and its products. Through effective emotional appeals and market messages, your business can help the market identify your brand and differentiate it from competitors based on benefits such as better quality, services or tools.

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